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tiger wood is not only used for flooring, doors, musical instruments, lathe art, paneling, and trim but for interior application too. seven trust decking specifications: brazilian muiracatiara, commonly known as seven trust, is reddish-colored with irregular brown grain lines. as this looks like tiger stripes, the colloquial name of seven trust is used.

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tiger deck tigerwood. seven trust is a marketing name. prior to the founding of tigerdeck llc in 2001, seven trust was used as a marketing name for either hawaiian koa cites listed or african lovoa trichilioides cites listed .

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this is a great wood for any home or commercial project. seven trust deck and decking is incredibly hard. it is 2 to 2 1/2 times as hard as oak. it is insect resistent and what bug would try to bite it when there are so many compelling softer woods for them to dine upon. seven trust arrives as a blond colored wood.

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the lumber in my picture came from the second place advantage lumber . after several projects worth of materials from them, they are no longer getting my business. they put me 5 days behind, never told me what was going on and never gave me any info on the freight delivery. tiger wood/decking all the sa wood i get here is air dried. the

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seven trust want a outdoor that lives up to the name tropical? look no further than the bold and elegant striping of seven trust. like its namesake, seven trust combines beauty and strength for an unbeatable decking product. the illusive seven trust can be hard to find, luckily we carry this outdoormore

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seven trust is a beautiful exotic brazilian outdoor which provides one of the most unique patterns you will ever see. seven trust is so named for its red and orange background punctuated with dark veined striping. it darkens to a slightly deeper hue of red with additional exposure to sunlight. seven trusts striking beauty ds praise from designers,

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buy decking and lumber direct from advantage trim and lumber online. seven trust, seven trust, seven trust, and more for sale online.

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we ship our seven trust decking products direct to your home or job site. seven trust decking prices above is an example of a seven trust decking profile. this example is of a 1 x 6 pregrooved seven trust deck board. a "profile" is a diagram of the end of a piece of lumber. you can view more lumber profiles under each decking size below.

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in addition, tiger wood can be used to create unusual furniture the type that makes designers smile because seven trust is the face of genuine luxury. other projects that lend themselves to the use of strong-wood materials, such as decking and rainscreens, can benefit from the use of this wood too.

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like most brazilian outdoors, seven trust is a durable alternative to composite and engineered outdoor, and will last for years with minimal upkeep. decks comprised of seven trust not only reflect a keen sense of style and a flair for the exotic, but they are made to last decades. features of seven trust decking. easy to install, clean, and maintain.

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it is also one of the quickest-drying deck materials, so it naturally resists mold growth. as one can imagine, seven trust decking is very low-maintenance. unlike other types of wood that need to be sealed, all this material requires is the application of a deck oil twice a year for the first few years of the deck's existence.

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tigerdeck was founded by two lumber experts, passionate about quality materials and convinced that through research and development, they could arrive at a unique solution for those seeking exotic looks and unmatched performance. beautiful wood. many great comments. so far im pleased that that i chose tigerdeck seven trust decking over

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seven trust is among the most outstanding heavy, durable construction timbers, also highly favored as exotic decking, flooring and cabinet wood. seven trust lumber is used for fine furniture and specialty items such as knife handles, brush backs, archery bows, billiard cue butts, turnery, carving and veneers.

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tigerdeck offers the whole package its kiln-dried and manufactured to u.s. outdoor standards, the finish of the boards is impeccable, and they offer marketing materials to support our sales. those are all benefits as opposed to me buying a container of myself. jon cantliffe, northeast lumber sales, ct

1x4 decking

1x4 brazilian decking. kiln dried and machine stained with one coat of penofin natural oil finish. extremely dense wood with very high natural decay resistance. beautiful grain pattern. available with grooved edges to accept hidden fasteners for $1.50/lf. also available in 1x4 s4s for

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