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should i put plastic bags around the bottom of fence posts

how to install and use a portable electric fence cattle

make a corner brace if important, as youll be attaching your electric powered fence to an existing fence line by way of pounding in three posts in a right-angle form: one submit with two posts 90 ranges adjacent to that publish, pointing within the favored path that the fence might be going. the posts should be 6 feet 1.8 m aside, or as

would wrapping a wood fence post in plastic help protect it?

would wrapping a wood fence post in plastic help protect it? one of my co-workers suggested to wrap the 4"x4" with plastic stretch wrap around the 2' part that will set in the concrete. he had heard that the plastic wrap will keep the lime in the concrete from eating into the wood over time. i have heard of wrapping the bottom of wood

life of fence posts and sleepers in the ground page 2

life of fence posts and sleepers in the ground. discussion in 'landscaping and outdoors' started by dr bodgit, jan 30, 2017. page 2 of 3 < prev 1 2 3 next > kiab well-known member. i always wrap the ends of the posts in strong plastic bags too not the top end 100mm x 100m i use.

post in ground techniques wofati and earth berm forum at

post in ground techniques . jon piper. posts: 20. but with the plastic bags, or rather some kind of plastic sheeting and then fill that with some kind of soil crete or soil cement? ash? the hole needs to be bigger than the pole by three inches or more all the way around. the bottom of the hole should be soaked over night with some water

fence posts, preservatives, et el. diynot forums

i am currently creating a stockade type fence at the bottom of my garden. its a joint venture between myself and one of the back-to-back neighbours our boundary wall was in a dangerous state so weve agreed to replace it . where possible, ill be sinking posts into holes in the ground and setting them in postcrete.

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how to set fence posts that won't rot - soak in wood preservative containing copper napthanate. place post on top of at least 6 inches of aggregate. pour concrete so that it is above soil level. how to set fence posts that won't rot--this is exactly how people should set the posts for their, covered patios, gazebo, fence.

how to install and use a temporary electric fence for cattle

how to install and use a temporary electric fence for cattle. temporary electric fences are great to use when you want to graze cattle in an area that isn't fenced off by some sort of permanent fence, like steel panels or by a board fence .

frighten deer with plastic bags thriftyfun

this page is about how to frighten deer with plastic bags. and put a little piece in you can tie them to the fence. if you don't have a fence you can use the inexpensive bamboo skewers and tie them to the skewers. to keep deer out of your garden and eating your vegetables place white plastic grocery bags around the garden fence or on a

is it the stupid deer again? backyard chickens

and it worked for us i put up a fence with t post and twine then tied plastic bags from the grocery store around the twine at various places on the fence when the wind hits the bags it makes noise and the deer are scared away i usually poke a hole in the bottom of the bags so it fills with air better i hope you at least try it if not you

dispose of concrete from fence posts frisco online

well, we just dug around them deep enough and eventually hauled them out with just some strong backs. took me a few days to recover after that, but we got all those old posts out of the ground finally had the last of the old fence sections hauled away this morning. sounds like there really isn't a good way to dispose of this stuff.

concrete for fence posts - tractorbynet.com

has anybody had extra cement laying around? i put 4 bags under some wood with a tarp over it, and later when i wanted to use some of it guess what, it was solid. i learned later to put the bags of cement in plastic bags and duct tape closed. j.j. when i works, i works hard. when i sits and thinks, i goes to sleep. concrete for fence posts

how to fix and then extract a fence post with ease: 12 steps

why not just put a bed of drainage material in the bottom and tamp something like rock dust in around he post? it drains after rains and you don't have any water held next to the post. couldn't you just put the plastic bag around the post and then stick it in concrete then the concrete wouldn't bond to the post? that's why fence posts

looking for expanded foam product for fence posts - cr4

re: looking for expanded foam product for fence posts 07/09/2008 3:21 am quick-rok is a great product that can be mixed very thin and put around the edges of the post, letting it seep in.

tamarack do for a fence post? in timber framing/log

the cedar i put in lasted a little longer but it too is rotting off. i've heard of one method of preserving that i'm going to try and that is to char the ends of the post that will go into the ground rather than soaking them. you then wrap the ends in several thicknesses of plastic bags, tie them off securely and then bury them in the ground.

how long will my fence posts last? diy doctor uk diy forums

after recent wet weather i can see that the posts at ground level have a wet appearance which i can only assume is water ingress that has travelled up from the soil at the base of the ground. although a little late in the day - the last 3 were placed in plastic bags and there is no evidence of this ingress travelling up the posts.

recycling tips: do not put plastic bags in your recycling bin

the answer to this one is no do not put your recyclable materials in plastic bags inside of the recycling bin. please empty all recyclable items loose into the collection bin. ive also heard that some people think they can put bags of plastic bags in the bin for recycling. but plastic bags cannot be placed in your recycling bin, period.

why you should never put plastic in the dishwasher

for the few plastic items still remaining, they get washed by hand. my rule: never put anything plastic in the dishwasher. and heres why. heat and plastic are a bad mix. repeated wear and tear on plastic, including running plastic through the dishwasher, could cause bpa, phthalates and other chemicals to leach out of the plastic when heated.

silly question - can you recycle feed bags? - chronicle forums

technically, the two common types of horse feed bags are treated differently. bags that are simply paper and have no plastic should be recycled with paper or cardboard. bags that have some plactic, such as plactic between the layers of paper are "low grade paper". i asked this question on a school field trip to the local recycling center.

organizing plastic bags thriftyfun

instead of wadded plastic bags stuffed higgledy-piggledy, she had taken each bag by the bottom and the handles and smoothed it to a thin, upright column. then she had laid the brown paper sack on its side and placed each plastic bag inside, with the handles up.

gardening.. putting down plastic. helpfulgardener.com

gardening.. putting down plastic. i was curious if any of you have done or saw folks put down plastic all in their garden to keep weeds out. as we all know weeds grow all around the plants

recycling q and a: why cant i put recyclables in plastic

plastic bags of any description, either empty or full of recyclables, including blue bags, should not go in your recycling container. blue bags used to be ok before the single stream recycling mixed containers and paper systems became prevalent 10 years ago or so, but now recyclable materials should go into the bin loose.

concreting in fence posts - mybuilder

concreting in fence posts i have recently concreted 12 - 8' x 4" posts into the ground, however i failed to protect the base of the post by placing on hard core or wrapping the base in a plastic bag.

should plastic bags be banned? - the new york times

governments around the world are wrestling with the question of what, if anything, to do about plastic bags, and there are few figures to support any of the arguments. should plastic bags be

36 amazing uses for the lowly plastic grocery bag len

in other words, using a reusable bag has a larger negative environmental impact than using plastic or paper bags. simply put, sanitary plastic and paper bags are available off-the-shelf and are more efficient to use than for every household to wash reusable bags and consume scarce water and energy resources.

handyman and tools:i hated trimming the grass along the fence

had a new roof put on and had excess asbestos shingles left. have used them to slide beneath the fence they are wide enough to cut to fit around posts so that when i use the mower, i have very little trimming to do. used half-sized they fit in front of my flower beds and that is no longer cardboard works good and so does plastic bags.

sheet metal along bottom of fence. buried into ground for

3 elegant tips and tricks: iron fence door creative garden fence.escape proof dog fence bamboo fence around pool. a fence is additionally a helpful addition to your house for the reason that it offers you peace together with privacy. you are able to choose a great-looking fence to provide a well-defined appearance to the outside of your home.

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