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cnet brings you the top unbiased editorial reviews and ratings for tech products, along with specs, user reviews, prices and more.tvsphonessoftwareaudiostorm rips holes in superdome roof

pelting rain and howling wind from hurricane katrina peeled holes in the roof of the superdome on monday morning as thousands of new orleans' evacuees huddled inside seeking shelter.

smart forspeed electric concept car redefines bonkers

there's no roof, for a start -- and barely any windows. instead, smart's treated all the forspeed's interior equipment to a waterproof coating and installed drainage channels in the seat surfaces

maniac mansion: day of the tentacle faq

walk over to the fire place and climb up the chimney to the roof. once you are on the roof enter the window and pick up the red paint. open the trap door and go all the way downstairs and outside. return to the outhouses and where you will notice a kumquat tree. paint the kumquats red and return to the fireplace room. talk to george washington and pick "whoa, you're like george washington

digital camera goggles let you shoot underwater, look like

culture digital camera goggles let you shoot underwater, look like a pod racer. liquid image offers two sets of digital camera swimming goggles for shooting in the water.

maniac mansion: day of the tentacle faq/walkthrough for pc

walk downstairs to the first floor of the hotel and get the fake barf from the floor. open the left door to exit the hotel, and walk right to the parking lot. give the keys to the man in the mask to get the crowbar, and return to the lobby of the hotel. use the crowbar with the gum on the floor, and use the gum in the inventory to get the dime and wad of gum. go upstairs to the second floor

amazon reveals the echo look, a device for style

amazon on wednesday unveiled its first echo device with a built-in camera. called the echo look, the $200 gadget uses its depth-sensing camera and led lights for style selfies and fashion advice.

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