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cost of deck 16x16 completed staff

scenes from apple's ipad mini event pictures

apple did in fact unveil a much-anticipated smaller ipad, with a 7.9-inch screen. here's a slideshow of how today's event unfolded, including the introduction of the fourth-gen ipad, the new mac

torture-test tablet roundup

so please, use your microsoft surface as a skateboard deck or your google nexus 10 as a frisbee at your own risk. the third-generation ipad managed to turn on even after being dipped in liquid

microsoft surface launch

the proceedings were kicked off by danny beck, senior enterprise product marketing manager for windows commercial, complete with the official twitter hash tag for the event.

something giant in the sky

the main deck of the a3xx will be the widest in the world. each seat has its own armrest, and a lower deck can accommodate sleeper cabins, a business center with a bar and library, and even a

the three best lessons i learned from a failed project

project failures may have been marketed as successes, yet the project goals were impacted by reduced scope, a strategic "change in direction" resulting in a cancelled release, or just a large cash

insane mods for your tesla

while the electroluminescent paint and the rear projector are pretty sweet additions to the tesla, the modifications wouldn't have been complete without using the vehicle's ample storage up front.

making use of home loans

these costs increas the amount you can subtract when figuring your profit or gain on sale. with the new tax rules allowing married filers to exempt up to $500,000 of home sale gains and $250,000

u-2 spy plane keeps on soaring photos

the pentagon, smitten with the global hawk drone, had been ready to ground the u-2 fleet for good. but the latest air force budget proposal tells a different tale.

in the gulf, struggling with the oil disaster photos

deepwater horizon fire. in september, deepwater horizon, an oil rig owned by transocean and leased to bp, drilled the deepest oil well in history at a vertical depth of 35,050 feet.

u-2 spy plane keeps on soaring photos

"the u-2 is a stronger system," with superior performance at a lower operational cost, flight deck. in this photo from october 1984, a u-2 bides its time on the flight deck of the aircraft

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