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tales of destiny 2 walkthrough for psp by kern

note that you can buy a broad sword in the next town for 3200, so you shouldn't pay the 4000 for it here. note: once you enter heidelberg, you will be unable to leave, and you won't be back to this time period until the end of the game. if you need to do anything i.e. fight in the arena, get the moon selector , do it now. don't worry about the equipment in heidelberg's shops; except for the

star ocean: the last hope faq/walkthrough for xbox 360 by

run along the fence to the far west and you will eventually come to a chest, at the end of the fence; inside the chest is a silver amulet . walk east from this chest and you will be at a building. on the east side of this building is another chest, which contains red herb x2 . head northeast to a house with a chest containing blueberries x4 behind it. go to the northeast corner of the map

nes top-loader users

the only problem that i've seen stems from the fact that they removed the rca composite video output jacks. those are the red and white audio jacks and the yellow video jacks. the nes only offered

the legend of heroes: trails in the sky faq/walkthrough

examine the rooms in the following order, and be sure to talk to lita and klaus' wife in the rooms directly across the hallway from the office to gather the necessary information: 1 office: examine the safe, the other stuffs are optional 2 office balcony: examine fence near the boxes 3 attic: examine the floor to receive servais leaf 4 front door: attempt to exit for a scene talk to

lego batman 3: beyond gotham faq/walkthrough for

character 2 - composite superman free play bat-mite's to the right and he wants a little batman doll. below him is an area with a camera, so sneak in invisible, then use sensor to find a gold lock on the dresser. zap it to reveal the doll. character 3 - cyborg superman free play go to the back right where the shapes are and sonic the glass crystals. assemble the pieces into a disco ball

s-video vs. composite

the lightning struck an electric fence at my house, it didn't break anything, except my one video-in, s-video-in, and all of the directv boxes in my house. but i have another video input on my tv

ghostbusters walkthrough

now use the capture beam slam to remove the beams and wooden planks blocking the doorway, allowing you to continue onward, down a staircase. hmm, it seems the basement's flooded.

ninja gaiden black item locations/weapons faq for xbox by

<chapter 11> - golden scarab 35 - moat of zarkhan; near underground sanctuary door - when you dive into the water, turn right and you should see the scarab sitting underneath the broken fence. - golden scarab 36 - moat of zarkhan; near imperial palace of zarkhan - check your map and make sure the red arrow is near the "imperial palace of zarkhan". this one is located on a ledge above the

lost odyssey faq/walkthrough for xbox 360 by german dragon

keep moving forward until you reach a fence, then head to the right, through the open gate, and around to the back of the building. you'll be able to enter through the back door. once inside, take a few steps forward and listen to the technicians speak to you

drakan: the ancients' gates faq/walkthrough for

talk to the man standing by the fence to find out his daughter was kidnapped by trogs, rynn will have to find her. cross the bridge and follow the trog to the left down the hillside. walk into the water and head south, be careful to watch out for the trog hiding in the water ahead. smash the barrel found on the south piece of land in case of treasure. now go under the falls and press l1 to

metal gear solid 3: snake eater game script for

sokolov: to put it in technical terms, it is a composite range extension system for medium-range ballistic missiles. the shagohod was originally designed as a tank that could launch nuclear missiles from any type of terrain. there was just one problem we couldn't figure out how to solve. icbms we have today are simply too big for the shagohod to carry. but the military

baldur's gate ii: shadows of amn cheats, codes, and

if that happens try again, when you have control of your character check your inventory, anything you had except bags of holding and other containers should be there, now if you want a semi-permenent black blade of disaster, go back to tob and continue until you can buy it or cast it then save and re-import your character by following the steps above you should have a permenent black blade of

on the fence? video review wonder boy: the dragon's trap

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samsung led 3d tv un55c8000 hdmi input issue

i bought a samsung led 3d tv un55c8000 last week. i hooked up my dvr/cable box and my samsung blu-ray player bd-c6900 using two hdmi cables to the tv and they worked fine for a week.

lego batman 3: beyond gotham faq/walkthrough for xbox 360

once inside, melt the gold lock to get composite superman. behind batmite's back is a shower type thing. destroy it and all of the objects in the area near it to free adam west in peril .

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