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how to measure for a wood board on board fence

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fence perimeter. fence perimeter is the total length your fence will run. if the area that you need to enclose is a rectangle, the perimeter is the total length of all four sides. in order to get this measurement, all you need to do is measure along the fence lines until you arrive where you started. jot down this information for later use.

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how to build a board-on-board fence; how to install the rails . the height that the rails are installed at depends on the style of the fence. simply determine the style of your wood fence and you will then be able to find out where the rails need to be installed.

the step-by-step guide to building your own wood fence

fence when you measure. once you have an idea of what type of fence you need and where you can build it, you can begin the process of planning for your fence and purchasing materials. step-by-step guide to building your own wood fence 4 a guide by jan fence www.janfence.com

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pickets are the vertical members of a wood fence. pickets can be installed tight to each other or with a space between them. typically, pickets are 3 1/2" wide, 5 1/2" or as much as 11 1/2" wide, if you are going to use dimensional kiln-dried lumber. this includes most treated pine boards. we use cca treated or red cedar boards.

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if you want a safe and long lasting fence, you can build a three-board wood fence.as with any wood fence, it will also require board replacement and repainting from time to time. three-board fencing is considered a stylish type of fence as well as a secure and quality fence.

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board on board fence calculator inspirations ideas from the swizzlesteve.com on the style you want once youve chosen a style you can enter your total length and rail and picket specs into the wood fence calculator above to get an estimated bill of materials, board footage is simply the unit of volume measure of a piece of wood in feet large

advice on diy high quality 4-board fence installation

i cut a piece of fence board the total length of "a board gap board. i cut a couple of smaller pieces of board to attach across the top and bottom. screw your top board to the posts - hang the template on the top board and voila, perfect distance for the next board down every time. i made 2 "spacer" templates, one for each end of the board.

how to calculate the lumber requirements for a fence

measure the distance between each pair of corners with a 100-foot tape measure. add these distances to get the total length of the fence. for example, a fence with four equal sides of 50 feet each

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a wooden board on board fence can define your property line in an attractive way, and offer you a degree of privacy. having a fencing company install one for you is one way to do it, but its usually a costly proposition. building ones self is undoubtedly a lot of work, but in reality it is not that complicated.

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measure your yards perimeter in feet and divide by the measurement of your fence panels. this will enable you to determine how many panels youll need. most pre-cut fence panels are either 6 or 8 feet in length. mark your corner posts by staking each corner of your yard. a corner is any spot where fence panels will meet at a 90 angle.

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these include first and foremost using quality materials, staining the wood and the use of rot boards. the base of a fence is subject to more wear and tear than any other part of a fence. fence pickets that come in direct contact with the soil begin to breakdown due to moisture in the soil.

how to build a board on board fence? we got you covered.

refer to the next section below on how to space your pickets for a board on board fence. once you have achieved your board on board spacing, come back to this section, starting with step 10 below. when encountering a temporary picket, move it so that it does not interfere with the spacing but keep the string line intact.

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my pickets measure 5-1/2 wide so this means ill have slightly over 1 of overlap on each side of the board when everything is installed. this is important because these boards will shrink over time and i dont want any gaps eventually showing upthat would defeat the purpose of going with a board on board fence.

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