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prince of persia triple pack faq/walkthrough for pc by j

this was a lattice of ironwork and glass, several stories high. "the fabled menagerie of azad, the sultan's pride and joy. it had been one of the wonders of the world; as a child i had dreamed of it and longed to see it with my own eyes. now it was a place of terror, an abandoned ruin laid waste by the sands of time." "here i am " farah appeared through a crack in one wall. birds need water

socom: u.s. navy seals: combined assault faq/walkthrough

head into the tunnel near the wooden wall and open the door at the end. pick up the intel on the table. obtain troop intel complete open the other door and order bravo 1 to deploy smoke into the room ahead. run into it and kill the two paramilitairies standing around. then open the door and kill the paramilitary in here. order able 2 to restrain underwood. secure missing fireteam complete

prince of persia: warrior within faq/walkthrough for xbox

leap over the railing, and jump on the wood lattice beams . ninja girl will challenge you. kill her then walk on the plank extending out to the curtain. jump to the curtain and slide all the way down. turn around, and go back the way you came in from. past the 3x spiked column, pass the spiked column trapped floor. pass the fountain , pass the trapped floor. kill the two guards, and go

psychonauts faq/walkthrough for pc by syonyx

just over the fence to the right as you enter the main campgrounds from the kids' cabins area. 2. on top of the pa tower to the rear corner of the main lodge, on the side nearest the kids' cabins area entrance. 3. directly behind the main lodge, near the roof. walk across the tightrope from the top of either pa tower behind the lodge to reach it. 4. on top of the pa tower to the rear corner of

cold fear faq/walkthrough for playstation 2 by deuce ex

the tendril in the brain turns the corpse into an extension of the exocel's body in a sort of monstrous symbiosis. bodies frozen for months or even years could conceivably be used in this fashion by the contaminators. at a certain stage in the mutation, which varies according to individual hosts, the process is reversed: the contaminators escape from the host's body, which enters a state of

the sims 2: nightlife faq/walkthrough for pc by warfreak

the hunka is more than a car, it is an extension of you. your friends will envy you. your dates will swoon. in a world where bigger is better, you deserve to have the biggest one of all." this is a big increase from the last car. comfort and fun shoot up the roof and the energy boost is larger. this is basically a sports car. it is a nice convertable, the ferrari, the lexus, the mercades, the

shin megami tensei: devil summoner 2: raidou kuzunoha vs

at the north east side of town, wood ornament x1 . you can exit via the north exit if you'd like as well, which leads to the red-light district, but of course you won't be able to enter there until later in the game. for now, you'll want to exit fukagawa-cho via the south exit and head on over to mannen-cho. make sure you have a pagan order and skill order demon in your tubes before you

terranigma faq/walkthrough for super nintendo by iron

choose the following options for the most optimal result: "grind it", "wrap w/lattice" and "put it in a bun". note that you have to reenter his home after each step. when mick completes the item he tells you that his big mick is instantaneously famous. why not replace the 'i' in the name by an 'a' for a more familiar look. -will's- exit nirlake to the right and you can enter a small area with dr

tony hawk's pro skater 2 challenges faq for dreamcast by

challenge 6 difficulty 7.5/10 secrets needed- none what you need to do- directly in front of you when you start is a fence, jump up and grind along the fence to the right, at the end of the fence is a building, jump up onto the building, there is a vent to the left of where you landed; go to the other side of the vent and their is a platform that is lower than the rest of the roof, get on the

the legend of zelda: a link to the past faq/walkthrough

the two parts are connected by two bridges but one is blocked by wooden stakes and another is broken; use the hammer to knock down the wooden stakes and the hookshot to cross the broken bridge. the main hostile on death mountain is a little chipmunk-type enemy who, if attacked, will become stone for a while and remain harmless but will start moving again eventually. after clearing hyrule

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