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california energy war heats up

but it was ferc, along with president bush, that came under attack from california gov. gray davis for refusing to make an even bigger move capping wholesale energy prices.

wholesale prices in fastest rise since '81

core prices, which exclude food and energy, rose 0.7 percent. that increase was the biggest since november 2006 and more than triple the 0.2 percent rise in core prices that had been expected.

best iphone camera accessories

made from tough engineering plastic, the keizus has an adjustable clamp on top that grips your phone while you shoot and, yes, it also makes it look eerily like a small animal . the clamp is

diy: 3d printing a custom iphone case

phones diy: 3d printing a custom iphone case. in the latest episode of always on, sharon vaknin dives into the world of 3d printing to find out what it takes to print a custom iphone case.

best movies for 2018

a hard rain is about to fall on a small town in southern china. in a desperate attempt to find money to save his fiancées failed plastic surgery, xiao zhang, a mere driver, steals a bag containing 1 million from his boss.

tapped out consumers spurn bottled water

chicago started a 5-cent tax on plastic water bottles in january. san francisco has done away with deliveries of water jugs for office use, instead installing filters and bottle-less dispensers

hacker gets 7 year jail sentence

a federal judge in boston has sentenced a florida man to seven years in prison for playing a key role in one of the largest theft of credit and debit card numbers in u.s. history.

apple eyes slicker mobile devices

the glass housing could have parts bonded together or even extruded for seamless front, back, and sides. components would likely slide in from the top or bottom, with a cap closing the space.

truck bombs kill 63 iraqis in tal afar

a joint statement from al-maliki and talibani said the measure had been put to al-maliki's cabinet for approval but did not give details of the draft law or say when it would go to the legislature.

the secret to selling big-ticket items

are you on the fence about a big purchase? maybe a vacation, a new camera, or a night out at a fancy restaurant? if you relax for about ten minutes, chances are that splurge will suddenly seem

oakland berkeley food tour recommendations

read page 3 of the oakland berkeley food tour recommendations discussion from the chowhound restaurants, san francisco food community. join the discussion today.

major stock indexes notch record highs

the funds will be spent on four fence replacement four projects in two states. along with $1 billion the department announced in april, spending on border barriers adds up to $2.5 billion

going abroad? pack the plastic

the exchange rates secured by visa, mastercard and american express are base on wholesale rates offered to large banks and corporations rather than the retail rate offered to consumers. ditto for

shedding some light

the funds will be spent on four fence replacement four projects in two states. along with $1 billion the department announced in april, spending on border barriers adds up to $2.5 billion

is the fast fashion industry ready to change its wasteful

fox says the trail from recycling center to new clothing begins with sorting and washing plastic bottles, which are then ground into flakes that are melted down and extruded to form a fiber. those

u.s. stocks seen rising next week ahead of fed meeting

the dow jones industrial average closed friday up 6 points at 13,626 and by 1.9% for the week. the s and p 500 ended the week up 1.6% and the nasdaq composite index record a weekly rise of 1.7%.

nyff review: the documentary "merchants of doubt"

they appear incessantly on cable news and morning chat shows, and fill newspaper op-ed column inches with contrarian voices to the issues of the day, such as climate change.

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