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how to replace concrete porch with wood deck

how to repair a deck or patio hgtv

fix it yourself, and do it promptly every two years is a good rule of thumb so that all the wood is evenly protected. get step-by-step instructions on this project here. moss and lichen growth. fix it yourself, via power washing, to avoid slippery walking surfaces, but be careful not to use too much pressure.

how to fix columns and posts on a deck, porch, or roof

using a chisel and hammer or a saws-all, chip out the damaged wood below that mark. take out as much as necessary. use a brush or spray bottle to coat preservative on the exposed bare wood. get one that retards moisture, as well as termites and fungi. work it into all the cracks and corners to prevent future rotting.

replacing a wood deck with composite decking today's

advantages of steel deck framing video video transcript maintaining a wood deck requires a lot of work; and eventually the wood will warp, rot, and splinter. so why not replace it with beautiful and durable composite decking that will keep its good looks for many years to come, without all the work.

covering an existing concrete porch with wood - part 1

the big picture goal here is that ill be covering my existing concrete front porch with wood so that i can stain it and it will look like a traditional wood front porch. but you cant just put wood porch/deck boards directly onto concrete.

replacing a wooden porch deck with concrete lawnsite

i have a wooden porch deck 6 feet by 21 feet. right now it has roofing paper over pretty solid wood. i have about 2 inches from existing deck to bottom edge of my front door threshold. is 2 inches thick enough for a concrete deck? i plan to use re-enforcing screening. i might gain a little more if i remove roofing paper.

new front porch deck to replace collapsed concrete porch : diy

we have both an seven trust deck in an area that gets a lot of use, and an seven trust deck in a place that gets very little use and spends a lot of time in the shade. so, there always is build-up of moss that occasionally needs to be power washed. the seven trust deck previously was made from wood that never really looked nice, even if we regularly stained it.

how to replace a 6x6 wood deck post - part 2

the sagging wood deck is pulled together with a cable winch, 2×10 deck beams reinforced with steel connectors, temporary support post set and the jack post removed. this project is continued from how to replace a 6×6 wood deck post. how to replace a 6×6 wood deck post part 2 pull the deck together with a cable winch

composite decking over a concrete porch - fortress decks

decks installed over concrete porches or patios arent all that common. one reason is that on most homes with concrete patios there isnt much space to build a deck. concrete patios are normally found on homes with concrete slab foundations, and the thresholds of the exterior doors are generally very close to the ground, usually three to four inches.

remove old deck and concrete patio and replace with stamped

as you can see the old concrete pad is broken and shifted. we put in the floating deck as a temporary way to cover the ugly old patio until we were ready to tear it all out and put in new concrete. the temporary deck lasted about 15 years in the corner was a set of stairs that were poured in place and were solid concrete.

elevated patio - changing wood deck to concrete patio

elevated patio - changing wood deck to concrete patio. by char seattle elevated patios. here is a questions about eliminating steps on and elevated patio. i have a relatively small yard with my one story home. i have two sliding doors that lead to my wood deck pretty much flushed with the doors.

can i replace my deck with a patio? - bahlerbrothers.com

can i replace my deck with a patio? this question is posed to me quite often. the short answer is: most times. while most decks can simply be removed and a patio installed in its place, we need to step back and examine the project as a whole. a couple of questions that you may want to ask yourself are: 1. why was a deck installed in the first

how to install porch flooring how-tos diy

install the decking. the decking boards are installed to run perpendicular to the house image 2 . cut the boards, allowing at least a 3-inch overhang. this will be trimmed off after the porch decking is finally installed. use a flooring nailer to install the porch deck board images 3 and 4 .

replacing deck with stamped concrete - outdoor design

we used to have a beautiful deck and backyard. between our dogs tramping down the grass, the giant tree that drops stuff all over the deck and the constant deck maintenance, we have decided to do a major backyard makeover. we want to go to a stamped concrete patio with nice landscaping that will b

4 reasons to replace your wooden deck with a paver patio

a concrete paver patio will offer you a number of distinct advantages over a wooden deck. learn more about the reasons why you should consider replacing your wooden deck with a paver patio. less maintenance. wooden decks require annual maintenance that includes cleaning, staining and replacing worn or rotted deck boards.

how to replace a deck post - dummies

if you have a rotten or damaged post supporting your porch or deck, it needs to be replaced. the first step is to remove the old post. once that is done, you can set a new post in concrete to ensure that your porch or deck doesnt sag. always use pressure-treated wood for replacement posts

front porch stoop with steps replacement - the seven trust

front porch stoop with steps replacement. hello, looking for some help on how to replace my concrete front porch with a wood one. my front porch now is falling apart and in need of replacement. i would like to do a wood porch instead. brick or paver stones instead of a wood deck. there simply may not be enough clearance from the door

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