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a final ladder takes you to a cave entrance, where you'll be able finally change camera angles. grab to the left and right all the coins before proceeding into the tunnel ahead. a pumpkin-dwarf greets you inside, as do many stray coins. at the exit of this tunnel you'll see a large pumkin in the next area. just to keep up make sure you've got 45 coins and 2 stars thus far. walking forward

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i.8.b adapters for playstation and xbox controllers gamepad controls i.9 controls--basic information the standard controls with mouse aim/keys centered around w,s,a, and d some controls that are good to use on foot, while using any vehicle, or just anytime you're enjoying the show going up without gaining altitude i.9.a on foot controls running hi jacking vehicles except boats, rhinos, and

sail the friendly seas -- er, skies -- in the solent sky

a skinny ladder and hatch are the only access to the bridge/cockpit. this view, looking aft, shows the "radio room." the table at the bottom would have been what the top gunner would have stood on.

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classic accessories. this classic accessories 9ft high capacity pontoon boat makes it easy to get out on the water it feature a swivel padded seat transport wheel removable stripping basket and gear bags the

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"pontoon nay the knave" pontoon is a card game. also known as blackjack. knave is an informal word for journeyman. jack is also an informal word for journeyman. this expression actually means, blackjack sans the jack. "jolly roger nay the the jolly roger is the traditional flag of pirates, bones" envisioned today as a skull over crossed bones, on a black field. the clue means the black flag

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