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please select the print size you would like from the menu on the right. professionally printed on archival premier paper. actual p rinted color may differ very slightly from colors on screen due to the different screen calibrations of different machine screens.

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it's hard to take final fantasy xiii's characters seriously when its introduction feels like a high-poly re-enactment of final fantasy vii. snow's group is shockingly similar to barret's avalanche. lightning's aloof and standoffish nature frames her as a female cloud. vanille jokes around like cait sith.

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coccoon is a small hollow planet where people live on the inside of the shell. the most obvious difference between sanctum fal'cie and pulse fal'cie is that the sanctum ones are mostly mechanical constructs while the pulse fal'cie resemble animalistic robots more. apparently the sanctum fal'cies are more passive in nature and just do whatever is needed to keep coccoon and it's people in a good

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and it is here that independent secret societies and assassin guilds have their greatest power. the last semblance of organized resistance to this trend was the reign of verovan, last of the kings of westgate. the monarchy of westgate had long worked closely with the various mercantile and pirate factions, but verovan attempted to stem the growing power of the merchant houses and petty lords

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"independent divergence of 13- and 17-y life cycles among three periodical cicada lineages". proceedings of the national academy of sciences of the united states of america . 110 2 : 6919 6924

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