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railing watertight ideas

christmas gifts 2018: iphone and android phone camera

the case itself protects your iphone from water and falls -- it's waterproof down to 10 meters 33 feet -- and includes a rail attachment that lets you mount your phone like an action camera

gift ideas for dad

have you exhausted all your gift ideas for dad's day sunday, june 17, 2007 ? if you need some fresh suggestions, you're in luck. david gregg, the senior editor of beststuff.com has just completed

ipod helps save stranded snowboarder

a lost snowboarder facing a second frigid night alone in the mountains of new mexico found salvation in his pocket. as cbs news science and technology correspondent daniel sieberg reports, the

coolest cooler raises millions on kickstarter

summer is the season for picnicking, barbecuing and fun in the sun with family and friends -- and it turns out it's also the right season to launch a kickstarter campn for the ultimate cooler.

robot probes show japan reactor cleanup worse than

right rail - video promo - listing winning hearts and minds over vaccines the world health organization listed vaccine hesitancy - when parents delay or withhold vaccines for their children - as

gardening with the kids

vegetable garden - or a "pick and eat" garden. planting a small vegetable garden with edible items your kid likes and eats, is a terrific way to include the little ones in the fun.

iphone se, ipad pro unveiled at apple 2016 event

dubbed the iphone se, "we have officially run out of ideas for new products." appleevent jeff bakalar jeffbakalar march 21, 2016. meanwhile, speculation has already begun about apple's

jumping jehosephat

cbs news technologist "digital dan" dubno reviews the latest gift ideas. now that fathers' day has come and gone, you might imagine dads have plenty to be thankful for. of course, you would be

high-tech toys make a splash

if you're looking to cool off in or near the water this summer, it doesn't mean you have to leave all your tech tools behind. water damage no longer needs to be a concern. best magazine's senior

metal gear solid 2: sons of liberty hd edition faq

below is a summary of the functions of the triangle button: 1 opening watertight doors/hatchlockers/bathroom doors 2 calling elevators 3 climbing ladders 4 climbing onto obstacles 5 hanging from a railing 6 using a node/workstation 7 guiding someone ----- opening watertight doors/hatchlockers/bathroom doors ----- an example is a watertight door which you will encounter early in the tanker

perfect presents for $100 or less

the holiday shopping season is in full swing, but it you can't think of what to get for someone, fear not: "the early show" is ready to help, with a week of ideas for great gifts at various price

boot buying guide for fall, winter

so people stylewatch magazine fashion director kate dimmock stopped by "the early show" thursday to spotlight the four biggest boot trends for fall and a look-ahead to winter.

ces 2013: electronic fork nags you on eating

the electronic fork is one of the gadgets getting attention this week at the international ces in las vegas, an annual showcase of the latest tvs, computers and other consumer electronic devices.

not your usual dad's day gifts

cool, varied, unique ideas sure to please, such as touch-screen watches, flip-flops with headlights, at-home beer-brewing

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