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concrete slab vs wood deck

deck vs. patio: which works better? angie's list

wooden decks require periodic sealing, staining and even replacement of railings and floor planks as they age, whereas certain patios may require weeding between paving stones, filling in cracks and sealing, as in the case of concrete slabs. related: staining a deck? terms you should know

concrete vs. wood front porch home guides sf gate

design versatility. wood porches offer more options in terms of color and design versatility than concrete can. while you can color concrete, and there are a few options in terms of shape and size

concrete vs decking

well concrete is ugly so i would either do paving or decking. both can look good put paving is basically zero maintenance, decking can be a lot- staining/oiling every year or so. would the deck be fully exposed to weather or under cover? fully exposed will be much more maintenance than covered.

concrete decks for coastal homes professional deck

in comparison, a 4-inch-thick slab of concrete weighs about 45 psf, which makes it almost neutral in these types of winds thanks to its own mass. another benefit to a concrete deck is that it's inherently dry underneath, while a wood deck has gaps between the deck boards that allow water to run through to the lower areas.

deck vs slab for observatory construction

page 1 of 2 - deck vs slab for observatory construction - posted in observatories: in the process of gathering ideas for my observatory. finally decided on a roll off roof design such as the byo 11.6 x 11.6 size. what are the pros and cons of each base design. concrete slab or deck. thanks in advance for your thoughts.

deck vs pavers vs concrete slab patios

it's a commonly asked question and one that has a bit of a tricky answer given there is a myriad of options within each category. to help you make the best choice for your project, we've complied a handy list of pros and cons of the most popular building materials for patio construction, i.e. deck vs pavers vs concrete.

concrete patio vs. wood deck pricing garden guides

concrete patio vs. wood deck pricing by g.d. palmer ; updated september 21, 2017 . one cubic yard is enough concrete for 2/3 of a 10-by-12-foot slab 4 inches thick. other costs include colorants, forms, texturing material and sub-base materials like rock and sand, but most of the price of a concrete patio is labor.

composite wood deck vs. concrete patio ask the contractor

composite wood deck vs. concrete patio answered by brett february 14, 2012 no comments we have a backyard that collects water from surrounding yards and slopes very gently down toward our slab foundation.

deck vs patio: pros and cons of each

decks are typically enclosed with some type of railing and often offer the homeowner excellent views of their surroundings. patio vs. deck: a cost comparison. as with all renovation projects, your budget will likely impact your choice, and the range for a deck or patio addition project can be large.

deck vs. patio: which one is right for you?

if youre going to invest in an outdoor space, you want to carefully consider all of the factors. learn the difference between a deck and patio, then use the deck vs. patio pros and cons charts below to help you decide. the difference between a deck and patio. a deck is an open outdoor porch or platform without a roof that extends from a house.

patio vs deck

due to their outdoor location, mosquitoes, wasps, and flies are a problem when enjoying your deck or patio. both decks and patios can accommodate mesh enclosures, screens, and other forms of free-standing netting to provide some protection from flying insects. wood decks may also be jeopardized by termites and other wood-boring insects.

video: concrete slab vs. cement slab

you might be surprised to learn that there is actually a difference between concrete slabs and cement slabs. often, they get confused as being the same thing, but they certainly are different. watch the video below to understand how concrete and cement are different. looking to complete some masonry work? find a contractor who can help.

putting in a deck or patio? hgtv

wood decking: the low cost, availability and rot resistance makes pressure-treated pine and fir popular decking choices. even with the periodic maintenance that is absolutely necessary, though, warping, twisting, shrinking and swelling will still occur. concrete: no longer just a drab gray slab, concrete is available in a wide variety of

reasons to choose concrete instead of wood for your deck

wood decks needs to be inspected, resealed and re-stained on a regular basis recommended at least once a year in order to stay safe and look their best. on the other hand, concrete decks are extremely low maintenance. once the deck has been poured and sealed, all you need to do it sweep it off and keep it clear of clutter.

which is cheaper: a deck or a patio? howstuffworks

which is cheaper: a deck or a patio? by with 14 years of experience in the planning and building of decks and patios, in 2011 a synthetic-wood deck averaged about $13.50 per square foot for materials. decks built with either type of material will require the additional cost of concrete footings to stabilize the structure, which could

whats cheapest? concrete slab or timber deck?

whats cheapest? concrete slab or timber deck? so we are still planning the back-yard area, we want a connection between the house and the bbq and flat enough to put chairs and a table on. ballpark is the timber much cheaper?? 4th dec 2010, 06:23 pm 2. jago. 1k club member join date apr 2010

elevated concrete deck

re: elevated concrete deck have it engineered, there is no need for any wood supports. form the slab with shoring, tie the rebar, wait 30 days and strip it. have done this many times, some slabs up to 30' x 70' and 12" thick.around here you can rent the shoring from aluma systems.

concrete benefits versus pavers, tile and wood decking

in addition, concrete can be scored to resemble tile. this is often a unique way to camouflage or incorporate concrete control joints into a tiled pattern. concrete vs. wood decking. needless to say, concrete is much more durable and long-lasting than wood decking. its maintenance is also less time-consuming and costly.

concrete slab vs. wood framed floors mountain architects

concrete slab floors do require that all subgrade utility rough ins be completed before the slab is poured and be accurately located. retrofits for plumbing or mechanical changes later can be difficult and costly. wood framed floors with a clspace or basement below have the advantage of access to space that can be utilized for running

shed flooring ideas: wood vs. concrete vs. patio

shed flooring ideas: wood vs. concrete vs. patio. by darwin hall. the instructions also said to install it on a slab of concrete or patio style area, or you may build a wooden floor out of pressure-treated timber. fence and deck videos heating and cooling videos outdoor videos plumbing videos electrical videos other project videos

how to build deck over concrete patio diy

how to build deck over concrete patio diy how to pour a concrete shed slab diy - duration: 8:25. odell complete concrete 852,659 views. 8:25. how to attached wood to concrete that is well

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